Tarot cards are tools that help people bring hope and positivity to life. According to recent studies, anecdotally, many tarot card readers saw a significant rise in their businesses during the pandemic, which proves people look up to the tool to bring mental peace and stability. In addition, various tarot card readers have stated that people generally get tarot card readings in the hope of getting a more powerful message from the universe.

Benefits of tarot cards for mental health

The tool originated in the 14th century in Western Europe from Turkey, and over the years, it has significantly gained worldwide popularity.

It answers questions

For many generations, people have turned to their belief systems and religions for answers and mental peace. Over half of the US population stated that they believe in spirituality over religion and tarot card readings also fit into this trend. Cindi Sansone-Braff, a New-York tarot reader, says that it has helped people understand themselves better and gain a positive perspective on life.

Complement therapy

professional therapy and medications

Many believers state that tarot card readings provide a holistic approach to mental health. However, it is not recommended to choose tarot readings over professional therapy and medications for conditions like depression and anxiety.

It boasts of having an open mind.

Tarot card readings are the best ways to help people open up and speak their hearts. Many tarot readers like Manduley have also admitted to the significance of these readings, which have helped their clients open up and provide a different perspective.


Older tarot cards were boxed into masculine and feminine cards, an inherent hierarchy. I was based on readings of class and gender stereotypes. However, over the years, the advent of newer cards has helped gain representation of both style and gender as equal. It is a great tool for finding answers for people who do not believe in the representation of organized religion.

Downsides of tarot reading

Although the significance of using the tools pushes people to believe in the process, there are certain downsides to it.

Belief system

Belief system

Despite a wide array of people believing in spiritual practices over religious ones, there is still a great side of the population that believes in organized religions. For such people, tarot readings can contradict their beliefs.

Mindset is the key

Mental treatments like Cognitive behavioral therapy and group therapies require people to think critically and logically, but the tarot reading process is the opposite of this. Instead, it is a tool for self-reflection, and people generally make decisions based on broader messages and intuition. Hence, tarot is only for those that believe in the suspended belief system and have an open mind.

Not a replacement for medical therapy

Since tarot readings can contradict one’s belief, they can go against traditional therapies and confuse the person further. Also, it can make a person’s mental condition worse. Hence, for people skeptical of taking the tool as their haven, it is best to take a step back and analyze the circumstances